Netflix Unsurprisingly Cancels Awful Resident Evil Series After One Season

Who saw that coming? Everyone. Literally, everyone saw that coming.



In an un-shocking turn of events that literally everyone in the entire world saw coming (except maybe the executives at Netflix), the streaming juggernaut has effectively canceled their Resident Evil series after a single season much to the surprise of no one anywhere all at once.

Huh, who would have thought that changing almost everything from the source material, save for a couple of names, would have been a completely terrible idea?

According to a report from Variety, Netflix will not be renewing Resident Evil for a second season, despite having first debuted just over a month ago on July 14th. That means, in less than two months, Netflix knew they had a massive stinker on their hands and are opting to abandon it immediately.

The series, which was so loosely based on the source material that I wouldn’t consider it based on anything relating to Resident Evil outside of a few names sprinkled throughout, was met with overwhelming criticism from fans and critics alike. Netflix’s desire to completely change the story and alter things so heavily that the show was hardly recognizable as Resident Evil definitely hurt them in the long run.

The cancellation of Netflix’s Resident Evil comes not too long after Welcome to Raccoon City, another Resident Evil adaptation, that was the worst we have ever seen. These two latest failed attempts to bring the videogame series to life beg the question “can it be done?” To which we simply say: Yes, it most certainly can. If you stop changing everything and just stick to the source material.

Honestly, it should not be this hard to make Resident Evil a decent live-action adaptation. If only the people making it would stick to the source material and stop trying to put a creative spin on it, especially from those who have never played a single game in the series.

At the end of the day, we say good riddance to another awful adaptation that will hopefully teach Netflix a lesson or two about how to handle these types of properties in the future. God only knows how bad their upcoming anime-turned-live-action series are going to end up. If they are anything like Resident Evil, they won’t stand a chance among critics or fans.

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