More Lando and First Look at the Villain in New Trailer for Solo: A Star Wars

Lumpy cameo confirmed. 

Another trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story has dropped. Check it out below. 

While the trailer covered a lot of the ground the first one did, this new one did give us our first look at the film’s villain, portrayed by Vision himself, Paul Bettany. 

Described by Woody Harrelson’s character as a “big shot gangster,” Bettany’s villain is supporting a nasty scar on his face, but he looks pretty similar to another Star Wars villain. Hmm….

Papa Hux? Is that you? 

And just like the first trailer, the best scenes  featured Donald Glover’s young Lando Calrissian. Charming as hell, as ever. 

We also learned that his robot companion (or lover?) is named L3. Cool! Great combination of a letter and number!

My personal favorite moment from the trailer was at 1:33, when we see Chewie embrace another Wookie, who is obviously his son Lumpy, or father Itchy, which finally confirms The Star Wars Holiday Special is canon. Finally! 

Ok, goofs aside, this trailer does a good enough job of showing us that Solo may not end up being the mess that the film’s complicated production led us to believe. It looks fun, well shot, and hopefully Chewie will be ok and won’t crash into that mountain. 

It’s fine. 

Everything’s fine.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25. 

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