Donald Glover: “I wasnt too busy to work on deadpool”, Proceeds to Tweet Series Finale Script

Donald Glover took to social media to set the record straight about the departure from his highly anticipated adult animated Deadpool series for FXX. And then tweets out the entire script for the show’s presumed season 1 finale.

UPDATE: Donald Glover has deleted his tweets (we figured he would do that) but the full finale script is still available at the bottom of this article for you to read. 

We have gone ahead and compiled all the tweets from Donald down below, but in case they get taken down, you can skip to the bottom of this post and read the script directly. 

When the news broke earlier this month that the Deadpool series from the Glover brothers was scrapped, many wondered if it had to do with Donald’s scheduling related to filming Solo or perhaps another project, possibly his recently announced tour as Childish Gambino.

Other rumors suggested that maybe Donald and FXX struggled to maintain a deal with Disney (since they own Marvel, and by extension, Deadpool), since Disney was in the process of purchasing 20th Century FOX and their subsidiaries (including FXX), with plans to start their own Disney streaming service. Well, all that is still up in the air but at least we know now that it clearly wasn’t something Donald wanted at the end of the day. 



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