Kristen Dunst’s Mary Jane and Andrew Garfield are Returning in ‘Spider-Man 3’

Please bring back the landlord from the first Toby Maguire Spider-Man, is that too much to ask?



A new report from the Collider is claiming both Andrew Garfield and Kristen Dunst have signed on to appear in Spider-Man 3. Both actors agreed to a deal with Sony/Marvel to appear in the third and final installment in the Sony/Marvel combined project but there is no word on whether or not Andrew Garfield will be suiting up just yet.

The two actors now join Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina and the original cast returning from Spider-Man: Far From Home as production begins on the untitled third film. The only people notably missing from the cast is Emma Watson’s Gwen Stacy and Toby Maguire’s Peter Parker.

With so many previous actors signing on it’s almost certain at this point the final film is heading in the direction of a Spider-Verse with Doctor Strange reportedly filling in the role as a mentor for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

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