Let your ‘Murica show with the new GTA Online Add On


It’s 4th of July in Los Santos, too, people.

Rockstar released the GTA Online Independence Day Special earlier this week and it’s dripping with all the ‘Murica goodness you can handle. The update adds several new Jobs, vehicles, and weapons as well as other options to celebrate the back-to-back World War Champs. Of course, there’s a monster truck and a mullet. If that’s not ‘Murican enough for you, you can put on a Bald Eagle mask and shoot off fireworks. There’s even a mission to crush cop cars with Monster Trucks. Check out the gallery, because a lot of this awesomeness is too much so for words.

Rockstar’s site says the in-game content will be available through Mid-July, so show your patriotic side while you still can. It’s important to note that if you have some of the special ammunition in your arsenal after the expiration date of the in-game content, you will still have it and be able to use it but you will not be able to replenish it after the expiration date. (That might be stating the obvious for some, but I’d rather be safe.)

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