Left 4 Dead 2 is Getting its First Major Update in Almost 10 Years with ‘The Last Stand’

It may not be L4D3 but at least its something... a lot of something.



It has been a long 8+ years since Left 4 Dead 2 has received any sort of update (back in 2012 we got Cold Stream), and if you happened to have played it recently as I have, you would have found that launching it may have had some issues or crashing (thankfully compatibility mode saved me). Despite all of that, L4D2 is still a mindless good time and while I have been hoping and praying that someday we would get a sequel, turns out that at least a part of my prayer has been answered.

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that ‘The Last Stand’, a Valve-approved community update consisting of tons of fresh new content would be dropping later this month on September 24th for the PC version of the game. The update, which we will outline the contents below, comes from a handful of developers who worked on Half-Life: Alyx and consists of more than 30 people. This team behind the new DLC, which is free, released a trailer, which you can watch below, as it showcases some of what you can expect within a couple of weeks when it drops.

The trailer has us hyped, to say the least. And if that wasn’t enough, the list of patch notes should get you riled up if you aren’t already and you’re a fan of the franchise.

  • The DLC comes exclusively to PC (obviously) for Free on September 24th
  • New ‘The Last Stand’ Campaign
  • 26 New Survival Maps
  • 4 New Scavenge Maps
  • 2 New Melee Weapons (Pitchfork and Shovel)
  • L4D1 Infected Return
  • 30 New Achievements
  • 2 New Mutations
  • New and Unused Voicelines
  • New and Improved Character Animations
  • New and Improved Gun Animations (that make them “behave” more like actual guns)
  • New Spawn Points
  • New Counter-Strike: Source Weapons*
  • Improved UI
  • Improved and Enhanced PVP Experience
  • Hundreds of Exploit and Bug Fixes and So Much More

*The Counter-Strike: Source Weapons being added actually have a unique history with the game. As Reddit user lampenpam points out, the original German version of L4D2 was censored to a point that caused some serious issues with the community. As a result, a handful of CSS weapons were only available to those who played this censored version of the game. These weapons consisted of the Krieg, Scout, AWP, MP5, and the Knife. However, there were Steam Workshop add-ons that allowed these weapons to be available and enabled all the time but now, with The Last Stand, they will be available for everyone all the time regardless of mods. However, lampenpam adds that these weapons were all woefully weak at the time and hopes that they have since been buffed to compensate.

I for one can’t wait to get back into L4D2, as its a great time on its own as it is in its current form, but with incredible new add-ons and an impressive amount of content in both PVP and PVE environments, zombie fans and first-person shooter fans will have quite the amount of replayable content to sink their teeth into for the foreseeable future.

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