Barb’s Fate Revealed Ahead of Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things was considered a massive success for Netflix this year, but it seems the Internet is still unhappy at what happened to Barb. Initially a major player in Nancy’s story arc, Barb was taken into the Upside-Down by the monster, later declared ‘gone’ by Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven.

Neither Barb’s family nor the main cast spared her a second thought after Elle’s revelation, with the possible exception of Nancy, who was allowed 30 seconds of mourning before having to deal with the fairly large problem of setting a giant, one-eyed alien on fire.

Such was the injustice of it all, ‘gone’ wasn’t proof enough for some fans that Barb was truly dead, but David Harbour, who plays police chief Jim Hopper, has finally put the matter to bed.

‘I can assure you Barb is very much dead,’ he said at the Stranger Things New York Comic-Con panel, but fans can at least expect justice to be done in season 2. ‘We do deal with the loose ends [and] some of the Internet rage over Barb’s death.’

If Hopper tells you there will be justice, there will be justice alright. RIP Barb, and thanks for all the memes.

Stranger Things 2 comes to Netflix in 2017.

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