10 Suicide Squad Members We Want to See in the DC Extended Universe

The Suicide Squad has had a long history and hundreds of members. Here are the ones we would like to see line up alongside Harley Quinn and Deadshot in a future DC adaptation.

We’re all pumped to see Suicide Squad finally hit cinemas next week, but for every member of Task Force X that is about to make their big screen debut, there are plenty more that aren’t expected to appear.

Though we’re still unsure as to who will cameo in the upcoming film, and what roles some of the cast members are playing, we’ve compiled a list of 10 characters we hope to see as part of a future Suicide Squad in the DC universe.

10) Count Vertigo


Vertigo’s ability to alter the balance of his enemies is unique in DC comics, and he would be a useful supervillain to have in the extended universe, having been an enemy to a whole bunch of DC heroes, most notably Black Canary, Green Arrow and Batman.

9) Plastique


Bette Sans Souci is a terrorist turned pardoned mercenary turned supervillain in the comics, and she has appeared as a member of Task Force X in both Justice League Unlimited and Smallville. Essentially a walking bomb, she has worked with and against some of DC’s biggest heroes.

8) Black Spider


A former drug addict, Eric Needham gets sober after killing his own father, and begins a war on the drug trade as the vigilante Black Spider. He is taken down by Batman when his methods get out of hand, and he plots revenge against the Dark Knight.

Black Spider joined the Squad in the New 52 comics, but was offered to quit by Amanda Waller and was eventually locked up for betraying the team.

7) Deathstroke


Whether it be from Teen Titans or Arrow, or as an enemy to Batman or the Birds of Prey, any DC fan knows who Slade Wilson is. With Scott Eastwood’s role in the upcoming film firmly under wraps, there is still a chance we’ll be seeing the black and yellow mask on the big screens next week.

6) King Shark


There can only be one heavyweight in the Squad at any given time. Killer Croc will fill that role in the movie, but Killer Croc is not a talking, regenerating shark.

Nanaue is another recent Squad member to have popped up on The Flash TV show, where the budget for talking sharks is limited. We want to see what the DC universe can do with King Shark.

5) Captain Cold


Leonard Snart was a member of Task Force X for only a brief time, but if there’s any excuse to put him in a film then DC should do it.

A long-time foe of the Flash and current leader of the Rogues, Snart has become even more of a fan favourite following Wentworth Miller’s portrayal of the character in The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, where he is depicted as more of an anti-hero.

4) Killer Frost


Killer Frost has had many incarnations over the years, but Louise Lincoln – the second and longest-serving Killer Frost – was a member of Task Force X, and she also appeared in 2014’s Assault on Arkham, where she was assigned with killing the Riddler.

Frost has ties with Firestorm and Green Arrow, as well as loose connections to the Flash, Superman and Batman, each of whom has already appeared in the extended universe, and if you weren’t convinced already – who doesn’t love a good ice pun?

3) Clock King


An underrated supervillain and recurring Squad member, William Tockman has no super powers, but he’s a technical genius, a master planner and a next-level time-keeper, which makes him the ideal person to have around for an against-the-clock infiltration mission.

Robert Knepper has appeared as the Clock King in Arrow and The Flash.

2) Bronze Tiger


Another anti-hero and long-standing member of Task Force X, Bronze Tiger was trained under the League of Assassins, brainwashed, then recruited by Amanda Waller to lead the Suicide Squad.

One of DC’s greatest martial artists, Bronze Tiger has defeated Batman in hand-to-hand combat, but such is the character that he has also worked alongside the Dark Knight, as well as Green Arrow, Vixen and Gypsy.

1) Nightshade


Nightshade lasted the entirety of the Squad’s initial run, and has been in and out ever since. Originally a government agent, she was recruited by Amanda Waller to watch over Enchantress, played in the film by Cara Delevigne, which could be her way in to the movie universe.

Nightshade’s time in the Squad made her question her deep moral code, and a run of emotionally scarring missions, combined with her mysterious magical powers, turned Nightshade into a character you wouldn’t want to cross.

Suicide Squad releases worldwide on August 5th.

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