Is ‘Dexter’ Season 9 Happening with Michael C. Hall?

The spinoff ‘Deb Goes Back to Effing School‘ may also be the works.

A certain serial killer may be returning to TV soon.

In a rumor spurred by Christian Times, Showtime may be gearing up for a ninth season of Dexter, meaning the return of lead actor Michael C. Hall.

This isn’t the first time rumors of Dexter‘s return has hit the Internet. Late last year, cryptic tweets from the Dexter Twitter page stirred speculation that the show may be coming back. Shortly after, a Showtime representative told The Hollywood Reporter that their were no plans at the time to revive the show.

However in early 2014, Showtime executive David Nevins had mentioned that “all options were on the table” for a Dexter continuation or spinoff; and Hall even voiced his willingness to return.

The last time we saw Dexter Morgan (SPOILERS): he had faked his own death, and began life anew as a lumberjack. Would the revival series take place after the finale? Or maybe during one of the many time skips used during the finale?

Regardless, absolutely no official announcements has been made at this time, so remain skeptical, but also hopeful, as Dexter may be back for another kill.

Jake Culhane
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