Introducing Standalone Streaming Service ‘HBO NOW’


During Apple’s hyped media and press event in Palo Alto, the tech giant revealed some major news about Apple’s partnership with HBO.

Now, for just $14.99, you get access to the entire HBO TV and Movie Catalog without needing a cable or satellite subscription, all on your Apple TV.




Now we can stop logging in with our grandparents HBO GO login and piracy for Game of Thrones will drop off of the charts as the most torrented TV series of all time! Plus, a free month of HBO when we sign up this April? HECK YEAH!

Though you will have to have an Apple Device to enjoy HBO NOW, the Apple TV has also been brought down to $69! Binge-watching your favorite content has never been easier.


Richard Plepler

HBO CEO Richard Plepler talks about how f*cked satellite and cable providers are.

Well, it’s official. Come this April, Geek Outpost will be closed indefinitely as we will never have a legitimate reason to leave the couch. Not for anything. Seriously. We are going to die on our couches.

I prefer Crocs for their style over their comfort.

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