Indie Game Spotlight: Vector

Vector is a simple game. Run from point A to point B and do it in the utmost style.

The backstory to Vector involves one of many brainwashed workers in a 1984 Orwellian dystopia who breaks free from his mind-numbing device. He then proceeds to begin running across the rooftops of the vast city.

While the graphics are serviceable and the story frames why exactly it is you are running from the shock-baton wielding security guards across rooftops, it is never brought up throughout the rest of the game. The definite standout in the game is the momentum and physics displayed in the character’s movement. With every jump, hurdle, and landing the camera movement and weight of the character can be felt which adds to the suspense of the chase, especially in moments when the guard is too close for comfort. Vector is fantastic game to fill those dull moments in your day as it can be picked up and put down easily and has relatively short levels.

Vector is developed and published by Nekki Games and is available on iOS, Android and Steam.

Check out the Vector Launch Trailer Below:



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