A Player Bought a PS5 on eBay and Received a Brick of Concrete Instead

At least he has concrete evidence.



The demand for the PlayStation 5 has caused prices for the console to skyrocket with scalpers selling the system online for prices well over $1,000. So you’d think a PS5 going for just $878 on eBay was a deal and a half right? Unfortunately, not so much

A gamer in Utah reportedly purchased a PS5 on eBay under the impression he’d receive it before this coming holiday. When the package arrived the gamer didn’t realize anything was wrong and it wasn’t until he opened his shiny, new PS5 box that he realized he had been hoodwinked.

Luckily, eBay is going to refund him all of his lost money but it goes to show when consoles are in high demand, you can’t trust everything you see on line. Looks like he’ll have to chalk this up as just another brick in the wall.

F in chat boys.

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