‘Gotham’ Gets Its Harvey Dent/Two-Face


FOX’s Gotham has been on the air for three weeks now and has been receiving generally positive reviews. The acting is spot-on, and the dark sets and production values definitely give off that Batman/Dark Knight vibe.

Countless familiar characters have already been introduced or teased in the series such as: Bruce Wayne (Batman), Alfred Pennyworth, Selina Kyle (Catwoman), James Gordon, Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin), Fish Mooney, Edward Nygma (Riddler), and many others.

According to recent reports, the newest character to join the Batman prequel roster will be none other than Harvey Dent. The man that ultimately will become the villain known as Two-Face will be joining the series in future episodes and will be played by Nicholas D’Agosto. You might recognize D’Agosto from his role in the Showtime series Masters of Sex, or from films such as Fired Up! and Final Destination 5.

harveydentNot much else is known about the introduction of Harvey Dent, but Two-Face fans can rest easy now knowing that at least at some point he’ll be gracing the small screen version of Gotham City.

Gotham airs Monday’s at 8pm on FOX.

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