Golden Frieza Coming to XenoVerse as DLC


Dragon Ball XenoVerse is getting its third DLC pack this April, and the highlight is the villain of this summers Resurrection ‘F’, Golden Frieza!

Take a look a the scans below!

Golden Frieza


Golden Frieza DLC

scans courtesy of ShonenGamerz


Priced at just $10.00 USD, the DLC pack, scheduled for April 18th, will also include the main character from Akira’s additional side project, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman (whose story takes place within the Dragon Ball Universe). Jaco will make his Dragon Ball debut within the Resurrection ‘F’ film, coming this April as well.

Aside from character additions, the DLC includes 13 new Ultimate and Super Attacks as well as 5 new parallel quests, 3 new Z Souls, and some accessories from Resurrection ‘F’ like Gohan’s dorky green jumper (seriously, someone teach this kid some fashion sense), and the scouters of Frieza’s henchman Tagoma.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse is available now.

I prefer Crocs for their style over their comfort.

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