Godzilla 2: All Monsters Revealed



The classic monster movie, Godzilla, is going to make a return with Godzilla 2.  Nothing is better than a movie with a giant radioactive lizard fighting giant monsters from outside while destroying buildings with ease.  The only thing that could hold this film back would be a lack of giant baddies for Godzilla to fight.  Godzilla 2014 did well; but Warner Bros. wasn’t able to clear the rights to some of Godzilla’s famous enemies from the Japanese studio known as Toho. 

GREAT NEWS FOR ALL YOU GODZILLA FANS OUT THERE! This sequel will not suffer from such an issue; because it has been confirmed that Toho’s Rodan (a not so friendly bird), King Ghidorah (Godzilla’s ultimate three headed dragon nemesis), and Mothra (the moth of moths).  Learning of this news got me hype for this film!  This reminds me of the hype I got with the reappearance of the Power Rangers in theaters a while ago this year. 

This is a picture of King Ghidorah versus Godzilla; which took place during 1991 in the movie called….Gozilla Vs. King Ghidorah!

This film will also have a dope human cast as well.  Bradley Whitford, Vera Farmiga, Millie Bobbie Brown, and Kyle Chandler will be in this crazy fun film!  Thomas Middleditch, who stared in Silicon Valley, has been casted in an undisclosed role for this film.  The mystery that is yet to be revealed now is the title of Godzilla 2.  It is said that the title known as King of the Monsters is going to be replaced with something else.  Hopefully we get more of an eye catching title cause it is hard to imagine a title that can match “The King of the Monsters.”  The trailer for Godzilla 2014 should have get you hype for what’s to come.  MAN I CAN’T WAIT!  


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