Get a Load of Marvel’s Big Hero Six!


For those of you who are unfamiliar (like us for example) Big Hero Six is a based on a set of heroes who made their first appearance in the comic book ‘Sunfire and Big Hero’ back in 1998. The story focuses on a 13 year old boy genius by the name of Hiro Hamada and his robot science project turned best friend named Baymax as they discover a criminal plot in the fictional city of San Fransokyo (Tokyo+San Francisco in case you didnt realize). Together, the duo partners up with a group of unlikely crime fighters to save San Fransokyo from certain danger. Or whatever.

San Fransokyo will take bits of style from Eastern as well as Western cultures. The bridge, clearly stylized after the Golden Gate Bridge, gets a slight design change to look more like something you may find in Japan.

Regardless of all that we don’t know (god forbid we do any form or research), this looks awesome. When Disney’s name is attached to any form of animated film, it blows the roof off of the box office, makes tons of new and old fans of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Add that to the powerhouse that is Marvel, and you have a winner. While we have not read much about Big Hero Six in the world of comics, much like Guardians of the Galaxy, we are extremely excited to see this film based on what we do know. The cast for example is stupendous. You have T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley), Josh Hutcherson (movies about hunger or something), Samuel L Jackson (if you don’t know who he is, we can’t be friends), Maya Rudolph, Freddie Highmore, the list goes on. The animation style looks great, the studio partnership is phenomenal, and the casting is, well, you just read how awesome that is. The only issue now is that we have to wait until November to see it!

This film marks first time Disney and Marvel collaborate on an animated film that makes its debut on the big screen. And we could not be more excited. This coming Thursday, May 22 will be the day we get a look into the movie for it’s first teaser trailer. So you also have that to look forward to. Bottom line, we can’t give our money to the Box Office quick enough.


Big Hero Six hits theaters November 6, 2014. The movie stars T.J. Miller, Sam Jackson, Maya Rudolph, Josh Hutcherson. It’ll be directed by the duo of Don Hall and Chris Williams from a screenplay by Don Hall and Jordan Roberts.

I prefer Crocs for their style over their comfort.

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