Borderlands Developer has a Big Announcement on March 28th at PAX East. Borderlands Sequel a Possibility



Developer Gearbox has confirmed they have an announcement during PAX this year. An interesting tweet suggests it could possibly be Borderlands related. 

We all know that a Borderlands sequel of some sort is coming. Gearbox has said that they know the direction they want to go, and have all but confirmed that it has been in their planned development agenda for a while. With looter shooter titles like Destiny 2 and Anthem failing to live up to the most basic and realistic expectations, we can only hope that Gearbox is watching closely and learning from the blunders of their competition. 

A tweet from earlier today suggests that we will be visiting the franchise of Borderlands once again, but to what extent, we don’t know just yet. Some fans speculate that this could just be a remaster of the original Borderlands, but hopefully its more than just that. 



As of now, we know very little about the future of the Borderlands series, only that fans want more and they expect Gearbox is the developer who can do it right. Bungie’s Destiny 2 title seems to be falling flat constantly with the grindy repeating gameplay of the same exact activities over and over, which seems to be their entire formula for their season pass in 2019. Bioware’s Anthem is riddled with issues and bugs and exploits, with excessive loading screens and very little activities to keep players engaged. Can Gearbox take this into account when they deliver the next installment in the Borderlands series? That seems to be the question we all want to know. 

Author’s Personal Thoughts: 

Borderlands 2 is one of the greatest looter shooter games out there- I would say that it is easily, from a campaign and gun standpoint, the best there has ever been Destiny has some great gun designs and smooth gunplay, and fun raids, but other than that, the game lacks replay value as all of the activities are copy and paste of each other. Anthem looks cool, but Bioware is new to the genre of looter shooters. The Division started off rocky, but then got better as time went on. My only issue with the Division was that every enemy was as bullet sponge with little mechanics to separate one boss from another. The Division 2 looks to improve on this quite a bit, but we will see with the game’s final release over the first few months of being in player’s hands. 

What I am saying is this- Borderlands 2 has the loot, the shoot, and the campaign down. Add a PvP mode, and allow players to customize their appearance a lot more (like Destiny or Division), create some endgame events that are exclusive to endgame and not just the same quests with tankier enemies, and make the map as massive as possible with tons of hidden areas to explore. That is all we want. Basically, Borderlands with raids. I feel very strongly that this is the game people want, the bulk of it anyway. 

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