Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episodes Ranked

Season 6 spoilers ahead. Duh.

Season 6 of Game of Thrones has been over long enough that I’ve been able to re-watch it, rank the episodes in order, and almost get over the fact that we have to wait another year for the next season.

We got some of the show’s strongest moments this season – there are scenes to love in every episode. Some of the episodes, though, weren’t able to maintain the standard of their strongest moments, and so what we have is a top 10 list ranked on consistency, as well as scale.

10) Episode #8: ‘No-One’


If we learned anything from Arya’s showdown with the Waif, after she was stabbed in the chest and flung from several buildings, it’s that the Faceless Men are terrible assassins and Arya is immortal.

9) Episode #1: ‘The Red Woman’


More a recap of season 5 than an episode in its own right, with more Dorne than we asked for.

8) Episode #7: ‘The Broken Man’


The episode couldn’t hold its momentum after the pre-credits reveal of the Hound, and Arya’s stabbing turned out to be purely for shock value, something GRRM and the showrunners have campaigned against. If the Waif wanted her dead, she’d be dead.

7) Episode #4: ‘Book of the Stranger’


Jon and Sansa reuniting, and Daenerys the Unburnt go down as two of the best moments this season, but if the opening and closing scenes provided the bread, this episode was a sandwich with no filling. You know what I mean.

6) Episode #6: ‘Blood of my Blood’


‘Blood of my Blood’ was always going to feel underwhelming after Hold the Door, but looking back, there’s some really strong moments in here. We met the Mad King, and were reintroduced to Benjen, Drogon and Needle.

5) Episode #3: ‘Oathbreaker’


The Tower of Joy flashback gave us the single greatest sword fight in the series, and the rest of the episode, which included Arya’s training montage and the aftermath of Jon’s resurrection, backed it up.

4) Episode #2: ‘Home’


Jon took all the credit this episode, but there’s some really underrated moments in here. Tyrion making friends with the dragons is one, and Euron’s introduction is some of the strongest writing in the season.

3) Episode #10: ‘The Winds of Winter’


The second half of the finale is good – the first half is incredible. Director Miguel Sapochnik shows he can do suspense with maybe the best King’s Landing sequence ever (certainly in the last two seasons). Composer Ramin Djawadi raises his game, and ‘The Winds of Winter’ is just a great example of how to put an episode of TV together.

2) Episode #9: ‘Battle of the Bastards’


The spectacle of ‘Battle of the Bastards’ is like nothing we’ve ever seen on television before, and predictable or not, the weaker scenes would be the strongest in pretty much any other episode in the series. If Sapochnik directed every episode from now on, we wouldn’t mind at all.

1) Episode #5: ‘The Door’


The Hodor payoff we never knew we wanted. ‘The Door’ gives the White Walkers an origin story, and delivers on action and emotion in all kinds of ways. We knew ‘Battle of the Bastards’ was coming; there’s a bit of everything in ‘The Door’, and it’s all fresh and unexpected.

What was your favourite moment this season? Let us know below!

Fighter of the Nightman.