Forza Horizon 2 Coming This Fall!


Here’s a close-up of a car.
Look, more cars!



Do you like cars? Cool. Do you like cars in 1080p? Alright, this is going pretty well. Microsoft announced the successor to Forza Horizon, surprisingly named Forza Horizon 2. The sequel, set to release September 30th, takes place in Southern Europe. The ability to destroy fences and other things makes it seem very Grand Theft Auto-y, but finding secret cars hidden throughout maps is a pretty neat idea. Are Smart Cars playable? Because I would love to see someone, online, driving a Smart Car and ripping new ones. Here’s to hoping.


In addition to the new features, online play features Car Clubs that can have up to 1,000 players. This, alongside easy drop-ins/outs, will create an accessible community with plenty of replay value. During your play, you’ll experience full day and night cycles along with weather affects. That’s right, now you can cuss, virtually, at how poorly other people drive when it rains. That can’t just be me. JUST DRIVE. Sorry.

Forza Horizon 2 looks visually stunning, and open world freedom will only enhance that. Forza Horizon 2 drops on September 30th for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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