Evolve Currently Has $136+ Worth of DLC



Turtle Rock’s latest title Evolve has been under heavy scrutiny since it launched a few weeks ago, mainly due to it’s high level of DLC. Having a game launch with DLC is nothing new, but having a game launch with over $100 worth of it definitely is.

image_38659_fit_940[dropcap=small]A[/dropcap]t the moment, if you wanted to buy every last piece of Evolve DLC it’d set you back $136 on top of the $60 you pay for the game itself. Most of the items are skins for your weaponry and Monsters, and can range between $2-$7. Currently, some of the highest rated items on the Xbox Product Page are the Bog Monster Skin Pack for $7, the Wendigo Monster Skin Pack for $7, and the not yet released Savage Goliath Skin which will likely sell for $3.

In addition to offering skins, Turtle Rock has given the option to purchase what they call the Evolve Hunting Season Pass for $25. This season pass promises various items and four new Hunters at a later time. As a way of preventing segregation amongst gamers, all new maps and modes will be free. 

Turtle Rock had mentioned a while ago that it had extensive DLC plans for Evolve, so this high level of DLC isn’t necessarily unexpected. Yet there is still a certain level of controversy surrounding company’s decisions. Earlier this month, Take-Two chief executive Strauss Zelnick defended Evolve’s DLC plans by trying to put a positive spin on it. 

“I guess controversy, generally speaking, is a good thing. People can argue about the business model [but] I think we’re delivering a fantastic title that’s well worth what consumers will pay for it.”

It should come as no shock to anyone to hear an executive of a gaming company say something like this. DLC is the only surefire way for a studio to continue to make money on a title once it’s released. They can market it as a way to enhance the user experience for years to come all they want, but we all know it’s just a great way to keep making money. A lot of money. 

Want your DLC? Come and get it…

Take-Two’s latest quarterly earnings report saw a massive 64% jump in revenue from digital items. During that period, items like DLC and virtual currency earned the company roughly $217 million. With numbers like that I think it’s safe to say they’re doing something right. No one is forcing people to spend that kind of money, so I’m just to assume that people really love their costume add-ons and weapon skins.


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