‘Double Dodgers’ is a Free Browser-Based Game That Tests Your Game-Within-A-Game Skills

Test your reflexes and ability to multitask in this 2D & 3D dodging game. What's your high score?

Developer Pelican Party has put together a variety of games, but none felt as addicting as Double Dodgers.

What is unique about this game is that it is actually two games in one. You play what we presume is a careless teen walking along the sidewalk of whom must avoid obstacles while playing a mobile game at the same time. It is up to you to grow your score by avoiding treacherous potholes, construction equipment, and other dangers while progressing within your in-game mobile platformer simultaneously.

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Unlike most indie games we put the spotlight on, Double Dodgers is free and available to play in your browser and is primarily a boredom killer while you are at work or trying to avoid doing something productive. Then again, that is probably most games.

Double Dodgers is not just a free browser game, as you can pick it up also for free on either the App Store for iOS and or the Play Store for Android.

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