DOOM Eternal Gets Official Trailer 2 with Even More Brutal Violence and… Lore?

The armies of hell have invaded Earth. The only thing they fear... is you.



As a franchise, Doom is known mostly for the “brutal, bloody violence” we mentioned, but there is a lot of lore set within the game that focuses so heavily on gameplay while the story takes a back seat. Doom Eternal looks like it promises to deliver a whole lot of both…


One thing we noticed about the trailer, aside from the awesome visuals and rad laser sword, is that there are a lot more story and lore elements this time around that accompany the many unfortunate demons Doomguy will obliterate and turn into putrid debris, and we weren’t the only ones to notice. If you look at the comments, user Sean Yco points out some really interesting lore-related details and questions that have arisen from the release of this trailer:

  • The knights who line up and pay respect to Doomguy had blue-tipped spears. The knights who turn on him have red-tipped spears (same red as the Marauder’s axe).
  • The Marauder calls Doomguy a usurper. Doomguy “wears the crown of the night sentinels”. Is the Marauder related to the previous sentinel leader (who betrayed them to Hell so he could revive his son, who in turn became a demon)?
  • The voice that told Doomguy to ‘rip and tear, until it is done’ in the first game now tells him that ‘they’ send only him to deal with Hell’s invasions. Is the one speaking some kind of angel, maybe the Seraphim from the Slayer Testaments?
  • If the Seraphim are on Doomguy’s side, and Doomguy must now fight angels who want to let the demons destroy Earth, does that mean there is some kind of faction war in Heaven? Are there other factions?

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We must admit, we aren’t too familiar with the history and lore of Doom and the games so we will probably end up doing some reading over on the Wikis for a bit to make ourselves more knowledgeable. Apparently, there is a lot to read about the plot synopsis of each game that can sometimes feel buried under all the brutal, bloody, beautiful action. Not that this is a complaint, but seeing that Doom Eternal is ramping up both the action and the story is more than welcome.

Doom Eternal will be available on all major platforms including PC, PS4, XBO, and Google Stadia on March 20th with a Nintendo Switch version allegedly coming soon after.

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