What’s New in ‘Devil May Cry Definitive Edition’? (PS4)


Tuesday was Devil May Cry Definitive Edition launch day.

[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]he hard-working people at Ninja Theory and QLOC have clocked in a ton of work and have put together hopefully the ultimate version of DmC. Here is the trailer just incase you’ve missed it.


A new feature that is targeted at giving a difficulty boost to well-seasoned DmC players looking for a challenge is called “Must Style Mode”, where enemies will ONLY receive damage when Dante has achieved an S-Rank combo. This new mode has been paired with Hardcore Mode and has tested very well with the people at Playstation.

The guys at Playstation’s QA had to come up with some unique ways to fight enemies on Must Style Mode. It’s not easy hitting a moving target that teleports, it make it that much more difficult to get a S-Rank. Make sure you keep your eyes open because what you need to defeat them just might be lying around.


A cool side-note with this new mode is that the enemies live longer. For all of you combo vid fans out there this allows longer combos before they are killed! So get ready for millions of combo videos. DmC has a strong fan base has gotten the game where it is today and for that, they are grateful.

DmC Definitive Edition is out now for PS4


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