Destiny 2’s Fall Expansion ‘Shadowkeep’ Allegedly Just Leaked Through Datamining

Season of Opulence is here but that is not all. The next chapter in Bungie's future allegedly just got found out in what fans have referred to as the inevitable 'The Taken King 2.0' Fall Expansion.

Destiny 2’s next big expansion may have gotten leaked early. According to long-time Destiny evangelical and Forbes writer Paul Tassi, a Reset Era thread shows what may be the future for Destiny in a post-Activision partnership. Take a look at the allegedly mined graphic for yourself.

As Paul points out, Destiny leaks are a dime a dozen, but this one does look incredibly legitimate (which he also points). Plus, Bungie had already mentioned before that there were plans to discuss their future this Thursday, the week before E3, in what we assume is an attempt to get as many eyes on them is possible before the waves of gaming news flood the internet.


At the time of this writing, the news is still fresh and surfacing like crazy all over the place, but reports are suggesting that this is indeed a legit expansion that brings players back to the Moon, a location not explored since Destiny 1.

Destiny has had a very interesting lifespan over the last 5+ years, but we love the game and what Bungie has their heart set on delivering could only add to our conditional love (the condition being they stop nerfing all the good Exotics).

Bungie likely won’t mention it at any point before Thursday if it is real (which we believe it is), but we appreciate Paul Tassi’s attention to the industry and for sharing this information. All credit goes to him as a fan of the franchise and a dedicated journalist. Thank you, Paul.