DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Gets a Savage Addition



Legends of Tomorrow villain, Vandal Savage, will be played by Danish actor, Casper Crump.

In the recent trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow series on The CW, there is not a verified snapshot of who the team will be fighting against. However, it has been made clear that Vandal Savage will be the lead villain that the team will face-off against. Just recently, CW announced that Casper Crump (Tarzan) will be casted for the role of Savage.

Savage is an immortal being who has lived for a supposed 6,000 years. Throughout history, he has been said to have been a prominent voice in the ears of various dictators and leaders, in his attempt to rule the world. Crump is not a very well-known actor in the US, but by looking at the photos of Savage and at the photos of Crump, the two are almost mirror images of each other. Savage has been a very well-known villain in the DC Universe for quite some time, but has never made it into a live action screen appearance.

Crump will make his debut in the upcoming crossover episodes of Arrow and The Flash before making his appearance in the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow series. DC has had a big week with the release of the casting of Hawkman, Lucy Lane, and now Savage as well. The Legends of Tomorrow TV show is set to release in the year 2016.


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