New Dragon Ball Z Game Details Leak, “Dragon Ball Fighters” Coming to PS4, XBO, PC

Another title in the popular manga/anime video game franchise is coming!

Never thought in a million years that we would ever see a hardcore developed fighting game for the beloved Dragon Ball franchise. Or did we? This new DBZ game has been titled as “Dragon Ball Fighterz”, and will release in 2018, currently being developed by ArcSystemWorks.

From the producer Tomoko Hiroki, expresses how recent dragon ball titles has being fully 3D fighters such as Dragon Ball XenoVerse and how they couldn’t fully go a 2D route because certain actions and styles can only be portrayed within the 2.5D format, which explains the art style of choice for this new entry in the long-running line of Dragon Ball fighting games.

Utilizing a 3-v-3team battle Gameplay system, Dragon Ball Fighterz allows players to determine and customize their team composition between characters and form a team of fighters. It is said the game will still incorporate “ultra high speed battles” and “flashy Special moves” to stay true to what the dragon ball franchise is known for. This was revealed accidentally before June 12th 2017 way before Bandai Namco’s supposed press announcement.