DayZ to Reach Multiple Platforms, Not PS4 Exclusive


[dropcap size=small]P[/dropcap]eople love zombies. Zombies eat people. People love killing zombies trying to eat people. The open-world apocalyptic zombie survival game DayZ is no exception to that statement. The game is currently available for PC with a console version announced for PlayStation 4, but GameSpot is reporting that DayZ creator Dean Hall has revealed that the game “is definitely going to be a multi-platform game.”

Although the game’s console version was only announced for PS4 in August at Sony’s Gamescom press conference, Hall and Bohemia are looking at the possibilities of expanding to other consoles. This especially bodes well for Xbox One users as Hall mentioned that he met earlier this year with Microsoft to discuss developing a version for the company’s next-gen console.

DayZ is available for purchase in its Early Access alpha state through Steam and Bohemia’s site, but neither Sony nor Microsoft currently support Early Access-style games. Hall pointed out that it will be a considerable amount of time before the game reaches either platform due to the long road of development ahead for the PC version alone.

He explained:

“It’s not going to be next year because there’s just too much work remaining. It would be a very bizarre universe where there would be a 1.0 release of DayZ on consoles before PC.”

The game sets players loose in the fictional post-Soviet wasteland known as Chernarus and forces them to thwart off zombie attacks and find water, food, and clothing in order to survive. Users can interact with other players and form groups to fight their undead foes, but your closest allies can very quickly become your greatest enemies.

Other users can be more threatening than the game’s flesh-eating zombies.

Fans of the game will have to wait until 2016 at the earliest in order to attempt to survive Chernarus on their favorite console, but in the meantime, users can continue to experience the Early Access version and contribute to its development.

DayZ is currently available on PC through Steam and developer Bohemia’s website.


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