Days Gone and more PlayStation Exclusives are Coming to PC this Spring

More PlayStation exclusives are coming to PC says Sony Interactive Entertainment America CEO Jim Ryan.


The Steam Page for Days Gone is now live:

Original Report:

Earlier this week, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan sat down with GQ for an interview where he revealed that Days Gone and a “whole slate” of previously PlayStation-only exclusive titles will be coming to PC.

The team behind Days Gone, Bend Studio, took to Twitter to confirm the news.

Among the first PlayStation titles to hit PC was Horizon Zero Dawn, followed by Death Stranding, both of which received widespread acclaim on consoles as well as PC (despite a few bugs at launch). Since then, sales have been overwhelmingly positive which clearly helped Sony’s decision on releasing more titles to PC.

Last year, a listing went public online revealing that Days Gone was coming to PC, but reps from all sides denied this claim and stated it was nothing more than just a clerical error. Of course, we knew better. Since then, multiple Sony exclusives have been rumored to be coming to PC including the Uncharted Collection and even The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II, which have also been deemed nothing more than what they are-rumors.

Now, you are probably wondering why Sony would bother doing this with a competitor, but keep in mind that these titles aren’t going to the Xbox, the PlayStation’s biggest direct competitor. Instead, this allows Sony to spread the love to PC players, many of which are likely to prefer PC gaming over console gaming, so it would be less of a conflict for gamers who are deciding which console platform to purchase while also pleasing those that might be missing out by sticking exclusively to PC.

No specific date has been confirmed for Days Gone, nor what PC platform it will be coming to. We hope it won’t be an Epic Games-exclusive, and we would be surprised if that were the case. Either way, look out for more details on the release date as spring draws closer.

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