Could Eddie Thawne be the Reverse Flash?

In our last moments with Eddie Thawne we were given a glimpse of a ring hanging around his neck. Could he be the Reverse Flash, or someone else?

[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]f there is one rule of thumb for The Flash, it’s that nothing is what it seems. After all, we are dealing with a superhero and a supervillain who have the ability to change the course of events thanks to time travel. Keeping that in mind, we can probably take Eddie Thawne’s death at the end of the season finale for The Flash with a grain of salt.


As mentioned before, Eddie Thawne kills himself to erase Eobard from the future, and reveals to Iris just before he dies that all he ever wanted was to be seen as a hero in her eyes. In our final moments with Eddie Thawne, we see his dead body being sucked into a wormhole with a suspicious ring hanging around his neck. Now the question that everyone has is, what was that ring?

The simple answer to that question is that the ring is an engagement ring that Eddie Thawne had bought to propose to Iris West. Realizing that his dream of marrying Iris West will never come true, Eddie Thawne hangs the ring around his neck as a symbol of his love for her before making the ultimate sacrifice. However the majority of the fans of the show, myself included, are rather hesitant to accept this answer. Not that I am against the idea of Eddie Thawne giving his life so that the woman he loves will live happily ever after, that would be a wonderful ending. However, now that Eobard Thawne will never exist because of Eddie Thawne’s death, The Flash is going to need a Reverse Flash to pick up the mantle. After all, this is the DC Universe and if we know anything about the DC Univese it’s that it loves its legacy characters way too much to just kill them off this early.

So what could be the other explanation for the ring that is spotted hanging around Eddie Thawne’s neck? Well, there are two possible scenarios. The first scenario, and the most popular fan theory, is that the ring around Eddie Thawne’s neck is actually the ring used by Eobard to store his yellow costume in. Yes, Eddie’s farewell did not give off the impression that he wanted to murder Barry. But then again, he did spend quite a bit of time with his evil descendant. Whose to say that Eddie has a grudge against Barry for stealing Iris West’s heart? Love does strange things to people.

The last possible scenario and my favorite theory, is that Eddie Thawne is actually Cobalt Blue, Barry Allen’s long-lost twin brother. According to the DC Universe the Allens had twin sons, of which one, Malcolm, was given to the Thawne family by the doctor. While the Allens believed Malcolm was stillborn, he was actually being raised by the Thawne family. The Thawne family are a bunch of con artists who have an inherited power, a blue flame, to heal people. All the other members of his family had this power except for Malcolm, and they constantly taunted him for being inferior to them. Malcom eventually leaves his family and discovers that he was actually adopted, and that Barry Allen is his twin brother. Malcom returns to his adoptive grandmother to learn more about the blue flame the Thawnes wielded. As it turns out, the blue flame that the family has been using to con people has many more capabilities than what the family had been using it for. Malcolm’s adoptive grandmother teaches Malcolm that the flame could steal anything that his heart desired, feeding on passion. Using this power, she teaches him how to place his hatred for Barry Allen inside a talisman, which he wore on his chest.


Personally, I don’t think its too far-fetched for Eddie Thawne to be Barry’s twin brother and it would take the second season of The Flash in an interesting direction. What do you think? Is the ring around Eddie’s neck just an symbol of his love for Iris West, a devious back up plan for Eddie’s yellow future, or will Eddie become Cobalt Blue? Let us know in the comments!

The Flash returns for its second season this fall on The CW.

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