Competitive Mode now available for Overwatch (PC)

The new Overwatch game receives the competitive treatment on PC servers with Xbox and PS4 online play in sight.

Overwatch has become one of, if not the most popular shooter for gamers across the globe. In its first week it recruited over 7 million players and those numbers are only continuing to rise. Its popularity in the streaming realm has also risen in the recent month as well leading players to question when competitive play would become official. Well, they have received answers from the video game gods.

Recent updates to the PC version now include a competitive play option for our serious, and I guess also not-so-serious, gamers. Upon reaching level 25, players can engage in the competitive game modes.



Even if you’re new to the game, this shouldn’t take very long especially with how addicting the new first person shooter is. Similar to other ranked-play games, players will be evaluated by their level of skill to be matched up against other similarly ranked opponents. Along with this new game play, the set-up of multiplayer matches has received some minor changes as well. Best of three matches will now be best of five to increase the competitive nature of the match-ups in the “Control” game mode and “Escort”/”Assault” modes will also allow players to play both defense and offense rounds in the game with your total number of points for the two rounds being added up at the end of the match.

Minor spray and icon additions will be available to players who engage in the competitive play as well with many probable add-ons to come as the competitive realm continues to expand. No release date for Xbox and PS4 has been released, but with the recent “Play Anywhere” feature for Xbox update, and the expansive PS4 online play, it’s sure to be right around the corner.


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