Comic-Con 2018 Recap: Young Justice Season 3 Trailer is Finally Here

(Spoilers of Young Justice seasons 1 and 2.)

Five years. It’s been five years since Young Justice season 2 concluded on a devastating note, and since the show was canceled by Cartoon Network.

Years of fans voicing their love for the series is finally going to payoff, as we got our first glimpse of the much anticipated third season of Young Justice (subtitled Outsiders) at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. 

The trailer starts with a recap of the big plot points of season 2 (Invasion). Specifically, Atremis un-retiring from the team, after settling down with Wally, to assist in a (convoluted) plan to infiltrate the Light, with Aqualad deep uncover and appearing to kill Artemis at one point. And of course, Wally seemingly dying (sniff) at the very end of the season. 

Outsiders will pick up lingering plot threads from season 2 (the teased partnership between Darkseid and Vandal Savage), as well as new stories including a meta human trafficking ring. The season will also introduce a gaggle of new characters to the team as well, some showcased in the image below.

As excited as we are, our big hope is that this season focuses less on introducing more and more new characters (a problem the plagued Invasion) and instead focuses on a core team of young heroes like season 1 did. 

As a dark and (occasionally too) complex animated series, it’s a miracle Young Justice lasted as long as it did five years ago, and it’s even more miraculous it’s coming back after all those years. We cannot wait to dive back in (and see Wally get revived! Probably!)

Young Justice: Outsiders debuts on the DC Universe streaming service in 2019.


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