CoD ‘Black Ops 3’ Zombies DLC will Wrap up Storyline this Year


The Call of Duty Zombies storyline is set to conclude later this year with the final Black Ops 3 DLC pack. 

In an interview with Gamespot, Treyarch senior executive producer Jason Blundell explained that this fourth and final DLC pack “put brackets around” the Zombies story arc that began all the way back in 2008 with World at War

“I believe that the ending of DLC 4 will spark emotion in the players, which is my goal,” says Blundell. “It’s not out of the desire for trolling, as people say. No, what I want to do is have you have complex and differing thoughts on what you’ve experienced and what your view is. I hope that’s what we generate when we come to the end of DLC 4.”


For those confused by Blundell’s sentiment, Zombies mode does indeed have a very robust story with lots of connecting lore between each Treyarch CoD game. To catch-up on the story if you’re behind, read all about it here.

The Zombie mode in Blops 3 is the most in-depth of the series yet, allowing the player to upgrade their character through an XP system, customize weapons, and even play in a Prestige mode. The last DLC pack, Decent, offered four new multiplayer maps, as well as the Zombies experience  ‘Gorod Krovi,’ where players can take on mech soldiers and even dragons. 

Zombies has always been one of the most enjoyable experiences in the Black Ops games, and where excited to see how the story wraps up. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC Pack 4 will release later this year. 



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