Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel will be the Strongest Superhero in the MCU

Kaio-Kevin Feige!

Even with Doctor Strange heading our way in a couple of weeks, Marvel is already busy preparing for another brand new MCU hero, Captain Marvel. 

It was revealed last summer that the incredible Brie Larson (Room, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) will be portraying Carol Danvers, the Air Force pilot who becomes a super powered human/Kree hybrid who combats evil as Captain Marvel. 

  from Vulture recently sat down with Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige, who spoke in-depth on what to expect from Captain Marvel’s film debut. 

Feige first spoke to why a director for Captain Marvel has yet to be selected, citing the vast possibilities of the MCU cosmos as a reason why choosing the perfect candidate has been taking a while. 

“With Captain Marvel, there’s so much potential in the comics and there have been so many incarnations of her powers and the characters who’ve had that mantle that we’ve been focusing in on exactly how do we tell her origin. How does it fit into the cosmic side of our universe? How does it fit into what we’re doing with the next Avengersmovies? So really, that’s what’s been delaying that particular announcement.”

He also praised Larson, calling her an amazing and great actress. Feige then revealed that he believes Larson will be able to convey a necessary humanity for a very strong character. 

Apparently, the strongest in the MCU. 

“It’s very important to us that all of our heroes do not become silhouette-perfect cutout icons. All of the Marvel characters have flaws to them, all of them have a deep humanity to them. With Captain Marvel, she is as powerful a character as we’ve ever put in a movie. Her powers are off the charts, and when she’s introduced, she will be by far the strongest character we’ve ever had. It’s important, then, to counterbalance that with someone who feels real. She needs to have a humanity to tap into, and Brie can do that.”

Wow. The strongest character yet? Stronger than Thor? Hulk? Extremis Pepper Potts?!?! 

Let’s break it down: Usually, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel has super strength, speed, stamina, durability, can fly, and can shoot energy projectiles. So basically she’s Goku. 

Could this newcomer Saiyan-esque hero really be the strongest MCU character yet? 

If Kevin says so, we believe it; and we certainly believe Ms. Larson can convince us. 

Captain Marvel flies into theaters on March 8, 2019. 


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