First Look at Brie Larson on Set as Captain Marvel (What’s up with the Green Suit?)

It’s not easy bein’ green. Brie Larsen has been spotted on set of Captain Marvel in a unique suit that some fans may recognize from the comics. 

Production of Captain Marvel, the ninth entry in Phase Three of the MCU, is finally underway. During filming in Georgia, someone snapped some set photos giving us our first glimpse of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in her Captain Marvel suit.

While Brie looks badass and we love the design, the color of suit has caught a lot of flack online. Many are upset or confused why the suit is green rather than blue, red, and gold, the iconic color scheme for Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel.

While chances are we’ll see Danver’s in the iconic Captain Marvel colors at some point, here’s a possible explanation for the green suit. In the comics, Kree warriors are garbed in green sets of armor. Mar-Vell (Jude Law in the film) is a Kree warrior whose DNA is fused with Danver’s following an explosion, causing her to become a human-Kree hybrid, and superhuman abilities.

This is more or less the classic origin story of Danver becoming Captain Marvel. Although the film probably will change things around, it’s looking like their will be at least some initial Kree-connections. Maybe Mar-Vell gives her this suit, and then by the time the Avengers: Infinity War sequel rolls around in 2019, she’ll be sporting her more famous get-up. Remember, Captain Marvel takes place in the ’90s, so there’s plenty of time for her to get another suit.

Then again, I’m all for Danvers embracing the fashion of the ’90s and wearing a neon green top, mom jeans, and a Rachel haircut. Let me have this.

Captain Marvel flies into theaters on March 8, 2019.


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