Beep Beep, Gran Turismo 7 Arrives on PS4 and PS5 on March 4th, 2022

Delivering the best with the return of classic cars, iconic tracks, and fan-favorite modes like GT Simulation.

Gran Turismo stands with the best among racing franchises and the upcoming GT7 looks to be a shining example of all the cool things we always wanted to do with sports cars. From detailed edits to “legendary circuits” fans can look forward to expanding their digital car collection both PS4 and PS5 consoles early next year.

The name “Gran Turismo” means “Grand Touring” in Italian. Back to the 17th Century, people would go on long trips across the European continent, learning and growing at their travel destinations. The name is derived from these journeys.

In the same spirit, the GT Campaign mode is also a place where individual players will take their own unique journeys and gain life learning experiences.

The cultural environment surrounding cars has changed greatly in the past 25 years. Those of us who were born in the rich car culture of the times created the first Gran Turismo game, so it may be difficult for the current generation of automotive purists to be in the same type of cultural environment as ourselves back then.

The objective for GT7 in current culture today, is to design a game to convey everything from the last 150 years of car and racing culture, whether you are a lifelong fan or discovering cars for the first time.

GT7 is both the culmination of the series which answers the expectations of GT fans throughout the years, and at the same time it is a title that marks a beginning of a difficult mission to contain the full breadth of car culture from the past into a single video game.

-Kazunori Yamauchi, President of Polyphony Digital, Creator of Gran Turismo

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