Batman v Superman Officially gets Title & Logo


Seriously, this is WonderWoman.
Seriously, this is WonderWoman.

“Dawn of Justice”. That’s what they are calling it. No surprise that there would be a title foreshadowing on what we all expect to be next following Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel. The sequel, which features an ensemble of DC heroes and villains alike, is set to be released in 2016. It’s been confirmed that WonderWoman will be in the flick (played by the lovely Gal Gadot *swoon*), as well as Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). But rumors are suggesting that we may see the likes of Aquaman and even Cyborg in the movie at some point. It all seems rather curious the more news that comes together about the movie, but one lingering question still sits atop everyone’s mind. Will it be any good? Now, before you start throwing your opinions at the keyboard, the question merely alludes to quality, not entertainment. Man of Steel was hacked apart by fans and critics of all shapes and sizes, but even the most diehard fanboy can’t suggest that the movie was entertaining, even if they didnt like what Snyder did to the curly q’d Kryptonian. But we are not here to talk about how lousy Man of Steel was. We just want to know whether or not throwing all of these additional characters into a movie that should be focused on Batman and Superman is too much. It’s possible that Snyder could pull it off, surely. But his track record suggests otherwise.

Here’s the thing; Disney/Marvel has pretty much nailed it when it comes to most of their Avenger tie-in movies. And up until Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, DC has struggled with their superhero properties in general (with few exceptions). DC has always been fantastic when it came to their animated properties (Marvel struggles with this just a bit with some exceptions of course). Point is, DC is behind and they have to step up their game to compete with Marvel. Now, Dawn of Justice is going to dominate the box office. There is seriously no debate there. Even as skeptical as we are currently, we are still going to see it.

Man of Steel looked to have promise, and we were let down. And then we thought Affleck being announced as Batman was a well-timed joke that became a reality and we sat there scratching our heads. With Eisenberg announced as Luthor, we could not help but assume the casting team was pulling names out of a hat. So far, the only real name that has been attached to this project that we approve of is Gal Gadot. Ray Fisher (whoever that is) was also recently announced as Victor Stone (Cyborg) and that is about all we know about newcomers to the franchise.

While other casting announcements are being kept under wraps at this point, rumors are being tossed around with all sorts of names for Aquaman. From Jason Mamoa (Game of Thrones, Conan) to Matt Damon (Happy Feet Two, Stuck Together). Though we probably would not have too many complaints about Jason Mamoa being the King of Atlantis.

There is quite a bit of time between now and the scheduled release date of May 6, 2016 so a lot could change so take everything you read anywhere with a grain of salt. While a lot of the casting announcements leave us a little uneasy, we are still coin four best to remain optimistic. I mean, just look at Gal Gadot, and everything will be better.


Dawn of Justice is set to release May 6, 2016 (the same weekend as Captain America 3) and stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot (swoon), Jesse Eisenberg, Ray Fisher, Diane Lane, and Amy Adams. Zack Snyder returns to direct the movie from a screenplay by Chris Terrio.

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