New Batman Game ‘Arkham Legacy’ Possibly in the Works

Another Arkham title may be coming sooner than you think, but quite possibly later than you hope. Here is what we know.

The Arkham games were a massive hit. Fans and critics alike were all giving titles like Arkham Knight, the most recent release, universal acclaim. However, it has been four years since we last received an Arkham title, and Rocksteady Studios was pretty clear that Arkham Knight would be the last one (although they ended up doing Arkham VR right after, but I digress). Now, it seems a new entry in the series could be in the works called ‘Arkham Legacy’.

Rumors have been floating around for the last couple of years on the future of the series, and no doubt there is no reason to stop if the franchise was at its peak (it was). All but Origins were a massive success, and it ended on a high note with an ambiguous final moment leaving the future of the franchise open for the possibility of a sequel.

These rumors started to gain some traction when an online journalist by the handle @New_WabiSabi started posting about the leaks. Sabi mentioned at the End of October that there was a new title coming, possibly referred to as ‘Legacy’, which would make sense, considering the ending of Arkham Knight.

Sabi is not someone to shake a stick at, as they were pretty accurate in previous leaks, including Arkham Knight, among others. To add to the validity of the supposed leaked information, another media insider, leaker, and industry pro, Thomas Polito, replied to Sabi seemingly confirming that this news is in fact true.

Rocksteady seems to be the most likely developer, if Batman: Arkham Legacy is a real thing, although it is possible that another developer and studio could be working on it while Rocksteady pursues other opportunities.

2020 is shaping up to be a big year for games and we really hope Batman fits in there someplace.

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