IT’S HERE! Check Out the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer!

The greatest trailer to grace your mortal eyes is here!

Back in July of this year, Marvel gave the ultimate gift to its fans at the D23 Expo and San Diego Comic-Con: footage of Avengers: Infinity War. The sneak peek drove fans wild and everyone who didn’t attend the events went absolutely nuts as word spread of just how epic this highly anticipated film appeared to be. Finally, after many rumors and a few leaked trailers, the official trailer for what may be the greatest Marvel film yet is here.

Of course, we all have several burning questions after seeing this epic trailer. For starters, where does Loki stand in this climatic battle for Earth and our favorite superheroes’ survival? At the end of Thor: Ragnarok it seemed like Loki may have had a change of heart, not completely but the trickster had definitely changed. Also, what does Thanos mean when he said, “You will know what it’s like to lose”? Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, told Vanity Fair earlier this week that the final Avengers film will be a “finale.” One can only assume that means one or more of our beloved superheroes will be annihilated by Thanos. Finally, what is with Captain America’s suit? He definitely is wearing a different suit than the one he used to wear in and there seem to be some new gauntlets/gloves added to it.

Whether we like it or not, this is the beginning of the end for Phase Three in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Starring, well, basically everyone, Avengers: Infinity War is the final showdown pitting the heroes we’ve come to love against an enemy, unlike anything they’ve ever seen. With the scars from Captain America: Civil War still fresh, the Avengers will have to put aside their differences if they are to overcome their ultimate enemy, Thanos.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018. 



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