Artist Set to Spend 28 Days in Virtual Reality


[dropcap size=small]U[/dropcap]K based artist Mark Farid has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise £150,000 in order to conduct a 28 day experiment where he will wear virtual reality goggles and headphones in order to experience life through the eyes and ears of another man. Farid knows nothing about this man, termed ‘The Other’, beyond that this ‘Other’ is a heterosexual man and is in a relationship. The project is titled ‘Seeing-I’.

Thats a true friend...
That’s a true friend…

Farid has said he wants to conduct this experiment to see the effects of living in virtual reality for 28 days has on the human psyche. A neuroscientest will be monitoring the effects on Farid and will document the findings. Farid will be wearing the VR equipment for 24 hours a day, living in an enclosed area with a bed, eating area, toilet, and shower. Farid has said the reason he chose 28 days is related to the well known theory that it takes three weeks for humans to develop habits.

Farid has also said that this experiment is by no means a test of his endurance. If at any point the medical staff feels he is unfit to continue or that the experiment will leave lasting effects on his mental health, he will terminate the project.

PS- It hasn’t taken South Park long to catch on to this, with a recent episode featuring Butters wearing the Oculus Rift while Cartman gives him commands through headphones. Check it out if this interests you.



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