Ada is a Top-Down, Fast-Paced, Exploration RPG that You Need to Play

Technically you don't 'need' to do anything, but you would be making a mistaken if you didn't.

We absolutely love indie games. I personally do my best to shine a little spotlight on the ones that catch my attention whenever I can. Whether it be a unique art style, obtuse gameplay, or something that just looks downright fun, we are always watching out for new and interesting indie devs and their games. Enter, Ada.

The story behind Ada is an interesting one if you can find the details. It seems to be under development still, under Jakub Hakiel’s ‘Hazy Game‘ title, but it is hard to tell. The game started off on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo before news and updates abruptly just stopped around June of last year without warning. You can get a pretty good summary here on where things are at.

Despite appearing abandoned, the game has a neat top-down perspective along with a beautiful environment of pixel art, along with unique and interesting enemies in this fantasy adventure. And while the development updates stopped, the visuals were hard to ignore and were the reason behind our interest in checking it out.

| Check Out The Official Website For More Info

You can follow Hakiel on Twitter for updates or head over to the official site and sign up for the newsletter for more info, but if nothing else, you can just straight-up download the game for Windows and try it out for yourself. The list of features is below, along with where to buy the game.

Key Features:

  • Dive into story-driven adventure
  • Meet engaging characters with unique storylines
  • Master fast-paced, skill-based combat
  • Face unique enemies with complex AI behavior
  • Live through epic boss fights
  • Specialize in melee or magic
  • Discover secrets of alchemy
  • Get surprised by randomized events
  • Explore carefully handcrafted detailed world

The game was planned for major consoles and PC, but it looks like only a Windows version was made available. You can download the game at a ‘name your own price‘ cost, which is nice for those that want to play around without spending too much. We don’t recommend a ton, considering the developer sort of just fell off the face of the earth, and if you take a look at his funding campaigns, he made a decent amount. Still, supporting indie devs is something we advocate, just not when they up and disappear as this one seems to have done.

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