Valve to Add New Steam Multimedia Options


According to SteamDB, new application-type IDs were added to the new Steam Beta binaries during the most recent update. These include IDs for film, music, TV series, plugin, and video. This recent development, along with the release of the Steam Big Picture in 2012 and the soon to be released (I f—king hope) controller for the popular platform, seems to indicate Valves’s desire to move its service into people’s living rooms by offering a wider range of multimedia services.

One can only imagine how this may change the big Steam sales that have become a staple of service during the Summer and Winter. Here is the announcement from SteamDB’s twitter account:


While yet unconfirmed by Valve, this seems in line with their recent additions that include products other than games. It should be interesting to see how Steam will make the transition from a PC (and Mac, I guess) gaming focus to a multimedia platform in the living room.

Time will tell, but I’m sure they will provide a quality product with amazing service and support, as they always have.

Steam is a multimedia gaming platform for PC and Mac and is available for free.


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