Transformers Prequel to be set on Cybertron

A super team is being assembled in Paramount’s Transformers writer’s room and Ant-Man writers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari have joined the team.

[dropcap size=small]P[/dropcap]aramount is always looking for new ideas on how to expand their Transformers film franchise. They have done many sequels, but what about a prequel? An origins story is one of the front-runners for the next Transformers movie, and sources say the project is getting the name Transformers One.

The prequel will take place on the Transformers home planet of Cybertron, and its reported that the people at Hasbro, Transformers licensor, were the ones behind the origins story. Its unsure whether or not the film will be animated or live action, but Barrer and Farrari have said they have joined on expecting to work on a live action film.


With Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari now joining the writer’s room that is headed by Akiva Goldsman, and also includes some other amazing people, The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman, Iron Man writers Art Marcum & Matt Holloway, Pacific Rim 2’s Zak Penn, and Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Lost‘s Jeff Pinkner. They are currently working on having a script ready so production can begin when Michael Bay is finished with other projects.

Not much is known about this up coming prequel to Transformers but stay tuned for more information.

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