Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge Now Available


Respawn Entertainment, hot on the heels of game update 5, released their second DLC map pack for Titanfall today. Titled “Frontier’s Edge,” the DLC features three maps connected in setting, Dig Site, Export, and Haven.

Dig Site features rocky terrain and an industrial setting as IMC and Milita pilots battle it out in the midst of a mining operation on a distant planet. Narrow pathways and sheer rock walls are promised to force players into a violent ground war.


Export moves the story along from the industrial setting of Dig Site to the offices of the mining corporation itself. Export is characterized by large office buildings with multiple entry points and a ground space where Titans will find themselves fighting for high ground along a sloping main road through the middle of the complex.


Haven is a resort area set outside of the industrial sectors of Dig Site and Export and is notable for being the first Titanfall map that is not already ruined by acts of war. Haven gives the feel that the war has just reached the upper class areas of the planet as everything is still clean and brightly colored. Pilots fight through hotels and lounges and large billboards provide excellent opportunities for high speed parkour pursuits.


Frontier’s Edge is available on Xbox One for $9.99, or as part of the $24.99 season pass.

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