Here’s Some Thrift Store Art With a Video Game Twist


Artist takes old unwanted thrift store paintings and makes them awesome by adding video game characters where they were never originally intended to be.

[dropcap size=small]D[/dropcap]ave Pollot is a software engineer who moonlights as an artist with a beer in one hand and paintbrush in the other. He describes his work as “art with a sense of humor.”

Pollot, who loved to paint as a child would use second-hand paints and cardboard as a canvases because art supplies were expensive. The young artist then went to college were he fell in love with computer coding, and forgot all about painting. Later in life, Dave started going to thrift stores with a friend, and he found his love for art again.


Pollot would go to thrift stores and would joke about how fun it would be to paint funny things into some of the more (or less) interesting pieces of abandoned thrift art. The results are eye-catching, and noting more than brilliant.


Whether it’s Mario and the gang racing through the flower garden, or giant LEGO blocks laid about the countryside like in a child’s room, Dave’s art is truly irresistible.

His paintings are available to buy on Etsy.


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