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Five attractive young people and their GoPros attempt to vacation in a cabin in the middle of the woods. A seemingly typical modern horror story set-up with the added bonus of the film being directed by Eduardo Sánchez (The Blair Witch Project) and it involving the protagonists being terrorized by Bigfoot. Yes, that Bigfoot.

Exists stars Dora Madison Burge, Brian Steele, Samuel Davis, Denise Williamson, Roger Edwards, Chris Osborn. Written by Jamie Nash. Directed by Eduardo Sánchez. In theaters and iTunes October 24.


Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, an extremely determined individual that might also be insane. As Bloom searches for work he discovers the dark world of freelance crime journalism in LA and instantly becomes enthralled. He then hires on an assistant, gets a police scanner, and puts himself in every situation he can in order to be the first on the scene to capture that big story. The film looks to be a solid action-packed thriller and a slight change of pace for Mr. Gyllenhaal, it’ll be nice to see his maniacal side come out.

Nightcrawler stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton, and Ann Cusack. Written and directed by Dan Gilroy. In theaters October 31.


Here’s another installment in the Amityville Horror franchise. In true franchise fashion, a family moves into a gigantic house that seems too good to be true, then creepy things start to happen. The kicker that makes Amityville: The Awakening different than its predecessors is that this time around the family that moves in to the house has a child that is on life support. Eventually, the comatose child starts to show signs of demonic possession. Inspired by true events. Sure, whatever you say.

Amityville: The Awakening stars Bella Thorne, Cameron Monaghan, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Taylor Spreitler, Thomas Mann, and Mckenna Grace. Written and directed by Franck Khalfoun. In theaters January 2.

I was born, I pooped myself a bunch, I cried, took my first step, and then at the young age of eight my dad showed me a little film by the name of Pulp Fiction. My mind was blown. From that moment I learned to appreciate film on another level. To put it simply, I love movies.

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