The ‘Simpsons Guy’ Crossover Looks Hilarious


When I first heard that there would be a crossover episode between The Simpsons and Family Guy, I was actually a little upset. I thought, are these guys really so desperate, grasping for ideas, that both shows have to resort to this? However, this extended preview from SDCC gave me hope that it might be pretty awesome.

[SPOILER WARNING] If you’re excited about the episode too, but don’t want to know what’ll be in it – look away now. Also, the volume is very low for some reason so if you have headphones, now is a good time to use them. (We’ll update the video given the opportunity)

From the looks of it, both Family Guy and The Simpsons saved no time in bringing out the big guns with both of their longest running jokes, respectfully. Stewie asks Brian, “Springfield? What state?” To which Brian responds, “I can’t imagine we’re aloud to say.” That’s perhaps the longest running joke in The Simpsons, and therefore in television history. To have Family Guy share in on that laugh, truly makes me smile. Then, on the flip side, Homer and Peter share in on an epic fight across the city in Giant Chicken fashion – Family Guy’s longest running joke.

The list of jokes goes on – including a cameo appearance by Bob from “Bob’s Burgers” to which Peter says that, “He can’t fly on his own.” Which of course is a joke on ratings – and probably FOX itself, something both shows have always done.

The Family Guy panel at SDCC also talked about other episodes we can expect to see this season. Liam Neeson will play himself, Stewie becomes pregnant with Brian’s baby, and Chris about to fail a history test when “Brian and Stewie take him on kind of a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure through time,” said Seth Green.

The Family Guy Season Premier, “Simpson’s Guy” will be one hour and premiers on September 28 on FOX.

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