The First Trailer for the Flash/Arrow Spinoff, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, is Here

Heroes old and new are coming together to not only save our world from destruction, but to time travel as well?

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]here is no official release date for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow yet, but rumors say that the show will air in January of 2016. According to multiple sources, the show hasn’t even started filming it’s very first pilot episode yet. If this is true then that means if you haven’t watched the CW’s Arrow or The Flash, and I highly suggest that you do, you have plenty of time to catch up!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s trailer was as action packed as it gets, with not one single dull moment. While the show’s creation began with Oliver Queen becoming the Arrow and Barry Allen becoming the Flash, the man responsible for getting the group of heroes (and villains) to come together is Rip Hunter. Rip Hunter is a time traveler and before you ask, no he isn’t the Doctor and no he doesn’t have the T.A.R.D.I.S. But you Doctor Who fans may recognize the man who plays him. Arthur Darvill played Rory Williams in BBC’s Docto Who and he was on the show for two seasons.

Rip Hunter is a member of the Time Masters, a futuristic organization whose duty to the world is protecting its history timeline. He tells the ragtag group of heroes and villains that they eventually work together to take on the biggest threat they’ve ever faced, the immortal and evil mastermind Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage has an army of super soldiers that the heroes, and the villains, must battle against in order to take down the evil mastermind.

Luckily, we wont have to wait until January of 2016 to get a look at these “legends”. In the upcoming season finale for The Flash the Legends of Tomorrow, or at least part of the team, will be in action. This means we will get a good idea of how this team may operate when the show airs. How do you think DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will do? Leave your opinion in the comments below!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will air on The CW sometime in 2016.

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