Sony Reveals ‘Instant Games’ for DEC and JAN


infamous-first-light-4jpg-8de0e3Playstation 4 gamers get to see what Sony Claus will be bringing down the chimney before Christmas morning this year. Sony just revealed the two games becoming available to players through Playstation Plus ‘Instant Games’ and they are… Injustice: Gods Among Us and Infamous: First Light. There has already been an explosion of conversation around the quality of the games being given away. And I probably don’t have to tell you, but, most people are less than thrilled. If you’ve no opinion of either game yet; don’t let the talk dissuade you from downloading.

If you all harken back to the dark days of the 3 month PSN outage starting April 20th, 2011, you’ll remember Sony gave each PSN user affected by the outage 2 free vouchers to use on a selection of titles- the original Infamous among them. Well, I used one of those vouchers to play Infamous and I loved it- granted I got it for free. I might not have been as thrilled if I paid full retail price for the game, but the fact remained: I got some hours of fun out of it.

Gods Among Us… Eh?

The naysayers might counter with the point that these games aren’t actually free- they’re “free”, because PS4 gamers are paying for a Playstation Plus subscription, and that’s a valid point. But, my guess is that most players aren’t subscribing to Playstation Plus just for the ‘Instant Games’ titles. But I digress…

Make of it what you will- download- don’t download. Just try to enjoy your holiday season.


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