‘Sons of Anarchy’ Game Trailer Released


[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he hordes of fans who fell in love with the critically acclaimed Sons of Anarchy were recently dealt a staggering blow with the finale of the series, but even in the darkness, a light may shine through. In this case, that light is the headlamp of a badass bike being ridden by Orpheus Interactive, and what’s that in the saddlebags? Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect.

This new game will be released on mobile platforms and puts players in the shoes of a gang initiate, you’ll need to make decisions and hope you’re tough enough to make the cut. Did we mention the game is first person? Which is a huge gamble for games on mobile platforms. As far as art design and gameplay, it looks like Orpheus Interactive took a page or two from the wildly successful studio Telltale Games. And finally, here is the first look at the self proclaimed ‘high-end mobile game’ Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect…



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