Ryan Reynolds Defends Nickelback in New Clip from Once Upon a Deadpool

Look at this graph. 

Happy holidays everyone! Perhaps there’s no better way to celebrate the Christmas season then Deadpool, and what do you know, there’s a new Deadpool movie now in theaters! 

Well, kind of. 

Once Upon a Deadpool is a recut version of Deadpool 2. It has a PG-13 rating (so goodbye Deadpool getting ripped in half and f-bombs), as well as new scenes featuring Fred Savage that frames the movie as a story Deadpool is telling Savage a la The Princess Bride

To give us a taste of what those scenes are like, a new trailer/clip of the film has dropped that has very little to do with Deadpool, and a lot to do with Nickelback. 

After Savage disses the widely mocked Canadian rock band (and Fox Marvel movies), Deadpool savagely rebuts with facts in favor of Nickelback.

After tensions heighten, the two make up by singing “How You Remind Me,” together. This truly is a magical time of year. 

I’m a little worried this is the best bit of the new footage filmed, but if you’re a Deadpool, Fred Savage, or Nickelback fan (or all three), we’re sure this special edition will be worth your time. 

Once Upon a Deadpool is in theaters now. 


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